As the train chugged down the tracks and the Oregon landscape breezed by the dining car in April of 2015, I didn't know I was about to run headlong into a new hobby and passion. While visiting friends in Portland for a long weekend and wandering the aisle in a local art store, a book entitled The Art of Urban Sketching caught my eye. The style of the art captured my attention and something resonated inside me and I thought, “I can do that.” After a month of reading books and blogs, researching inks, pens, sketchbooks and watercolors, I put my first sketch to paper.

I continue to use my sketchbook to capture the everyday but am also fortunate enough to collaborate on commissioned pieces and would welcome the opportunity to work with you! Just click on the "Let's Collaborate" link above so we can get started. Feel free to roam around my gallery of sketches or browse through prints available for purchase. Either way, hopefully you will discover something that draws you in!